These 11 Plants Purify the Air from Cancer- Causing Chemicals AND are Safe for Cats and Dogs


We don’t always want to stay inside, but many people have office jobs so they are forced to stay inside the office, building or their home. We can also say that many of our daily routines usually take place indoors, such as: grocery shopping, going to the dentist, buying a toy for your kid. And many people also like spending some time lying on their couch, watching TV or read a good book before they go to sleep. Well yes, the ugly truth is that most of us spend almost 90% of our time indoors. First, let me tell you…

Rottweiler Service Dog Soothes A Veteran After Seeing Him Suffer A Panic Attack


TSD Service Dog Rottweiler in action alerts owner who seems stressed and about to have an anxiety attack. One of the methods in which patient could cope with his PTSD is having a service dog trained to deal with veterans. Whenever the patient wakes up from a bloody nightmare, his service dog is by his side, guiding him to reality.

This Rescue Dog Is The World’s Oldest Pooch, And She’s Adorably Wise.


Tara, a 25-year-old dog, is possibly the oldest in the world. Using the standard (thought possibly inaccurate) equation that one dog year = seven human years, that would make Tara 175 human years old. If we use the equation outlined above, she’d be 114 human years old.
Either way, she’s an incredibly ancient pup, and she looks pretty damn good. But there’s more to this story than just Tara herself: Wait until you find out who her owner is.