15 Hillarious Dogs Snapchat That Are Simply “Impossible” Not To Laugh At

Dog Fails

Some things in life just go just perfectly together. Ham and cheese. Gin and tonic. Sam and Frodo. And dogs and Snapchat. Take a look at these hilarious Snapchats about dogs in this list compiled by Bored Panda. From parrots riding on bulldogs and dogs in bras to crazy canines trying to drown one another in the toilet, you’re sure to laugh whether you’re a dog lover or not. Who knew that pets were going to become such Snapchat stars?

Little Girl Has Some Mascara, But Wait Till You See What She Did To The Dog!

This little girl felt that her dog could do with a little make over. So while mom was out, she decided to borrow some of her eyeliner and practice her beautician skills on their family dog! While mom might be a little upset about not having any more eyeliner, the dog doesn’t seem to mind the make over one bit!

The Back Scratching Chain Of Awesomeness… Can I Join In?!

These pups are living the good life! They’ve developed a clever back scratching chain for everyone to benefit from and it’s pretty darn adorable! You won’t believe how clever and cute this little display of puppy love is! You scratch my back, I scratch yours!