9 Best chew toys to make your dog happy

9 Best Chew Toys

Dogs are human’s best friend, and just like us they need to kept busy mentality and in good health.  It is very obvious that we cannot always be bonded or playing with our pets.   When we are not around, their toys keep them a good company. Let’s look at some of the best available chew toys for our dogs. Before jumping into that, let us see why is it even important to have chew toys: Health: Obesity is the gateway to many illnesses not only for us, but even for our dog. It is very important to make sure…

The Back Scratching Chain Of Awesomeness… Can I Join In?!

These pups are living the good life! They’ve developed a clever back scratching chain for everyone to benefit from and it’s pretty darn adorable! You won’t believe how clever and cute this little display of puppy love is! You scratch my back, I scratch yours!

If You See One Of These Things On The Beach, Keep Your Dog As Far Away As Possible.

A woman in England recently found this strange white substance washed up on the beach. It looked like some kind of jellyfish, but the truth was even weirder. It was a lump of solid fat! So-called “fatbergs” are becoming increasingly common and they’re indicators of a much bigger problem. The white deposits are formed when dirty cooking oil combines with trash and solidifies in the sewer system. When these lumps make it from the sewer int0 the open ocean they eventually wash up on shore. It’s not just gross, they’re highly toxic and can be very harmful to dogs. Prolonged…