This Dog’s Reaction To Her Gumby Toy Coming To Life. So Adorable

Dog’s Reaction To Her Gumby Toy Coming To Life

Like small children, most dogs have a favorite toy – one they can’t do without, and are constantly playing with. For Jolene the Golden Retriever, that toy is a small doll of Gumby, the iconic green claymation character. So when Ben Mesches, Jolene’s owner, decided to dress up as Gumby for Halloween, no one was more excited than Jolene herself, and an adorable video of her reaction at seeing her toy in life-size instantly went viral this week. Hardy uses several different voices during his segment; the dog dozing in his lap is reported to be the actor’s own. Source

He Thought He’d Never Find Love, But Then… This Is BEAUTIFUL!

An autistic boy learns love and compassion through the heart of a Pit Bull. Watch this amazing, inspirational journey. Thirteen year old Joey had difficulty meeting new people, making friends and simply showing affection to his mother, Amanda. That all changed when he met his best friend and ally, Roxy, a sweet Pit Bull. They are perfect for each other. Roxy has guided Joey from his isolated shell and shown him the true meaning of love. Today, Joey is going out for sports, has made new friends and has learned to give his mom hugs and kisses. He even cried over a TV show.